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Staff ng Data

Nai-edit ang staff ng Data:
ImpormasyonPetsa Naaprubahan
Jorge Cordon, member of staff of Ferro Carril Oeste was edited.16 Hulyo 2020
Steve Corica, member of staff of Sydney FC was edited.16 Hulyo 2020
Leandro Niehues, member of staff of Iporá EC was edited.16 Hulyo 2020
Toninho Cecílio, member of staff of Anápolis FC was edited.16 Hulyo 2020
Christos Kontis, member of staff of Hatta Club was edited.16 Hulyo 2020
Manolo Jiménez, member of staff of Al Wahda was edited.16 Hulyo 2020
Walid Reguragui, member of staff of Al Duhail SC was edited.16 Hulyo 2020
Claudio Angel Chacior, member of staff of Real Santa Cruz was edited.16 Hulyo 2020
André Gaspar, member of staff of Al Hazem was edited.16 Hulyo 2020
Rafael Puente, member of staff of Atlas was edited.15 Hulyo 2020
Giuseppe Galderisi, member of staff of Vis Pesaro 1898 was edited.14 Hulyo 2020